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creative dynasty furniture

―Haruka Lee Dynasty Fragrance―

Joseon elegance

Along with white porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty and Goryeo celadon, furniture of the Joseon Dynasty is a valuable cultural heritage of Asia. Characterized by neat and rich designs that make the most of the materials, generous and harmonious forms, and the beauty of use born from the fusion of users and creators, they are loved by many hobbyists.

Kichizo redesigned the design of furniture from the Joseon Dynasty into furniture with today's functions, and made by a joiner craftsman. It is used as accent furniture in modern life.



In the Joseon Dynasty, the furniture and furnishings of the aristocrats' study rooms (sarangban), where people who loved elegance gathered, were valued for their dignity and simple beauty. The shoin-style Joseon furniture “Sarangban” was created based on the elegant furniture style of the parlor room.

A furniture series that creates a calm time and space, such as a study room, a salon, and an oriental flat floor (couch) style.

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