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Prayer furniture for the world. The original forms drawn by architect are produced by woodworking joints' craftsman. As furniture for prayer, it symbolizes the spiritual objects required today.


Along with Yi Dynasty white porcelain and Goryeo ware, Yi Dynasty furniture is a precious cultural heritage of Asia. The characteristics are its elegant and rich design that makes the best use of materials, its generous and harmonious form, and the beauty of use born from the fusion of the user and the creator, and it is loved by many hobbyists


Kichizo redesigned Yi Dynasty furniture into that of today's functions, and woodworking joints' craftsman made the furniture. Kichizo is used as accent furniture in modern life.


At Kichizo, an individual craftsman make consistently from the selection of materials to assembly and final preparation. We also take custom-made furniture upon your request. We will make a quotation, draw up a plan and make furniture that meets your needs mainly Japanese-style furniture such as chests of drawers, shelves, and tables. Please feel free to contact us.

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