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<Valuable materials>

We carefully select beautiful, rare and valuable woods such as  Noble Japanese woods "Mulberry", "Maple", "Zelkova", "Shioji" and 

Noble Imported woods  "Ebony", "Rosewood", "Pradu wood"

<Designs that will never fade away.>

Not caught up in novelty and eccentricity, our furniture is based on evergreen designs that will retain their beautiful forms even after 100 years.

<Careful work>

Shinji Yagi is recognized as a "Master Craftsman of Shizuoka Prefecture". Each and every one of our craftsmen, including Tsuyoshi Nanami who specializes in delicate and solid miniature shrine, and Katsuhisa Toda, a young woodworking joints craftsman, who has studied traditional craft techniques, are responsible for the production of their work, from the preparation to the assembly.

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