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Kichizo's technology

As the basis of life shifts from the family to the individual, there is a demand for fine sensibilities that match individual lifestyles in furniture and other items used in daily life.
Kichizo respects and inherits the traditional construction methods, designs, and dignity of traditional woodwork "Sashimono" nurtured by the Japanese climate and the qualities of the Japanese people, and has always sought new possibilities for "Sashimono". I was.
Tradition lives on through innovation. Kichizo aims to create new Japanese furniture that supports the way of life of the Japanese people and is close to their hearts.


original metal fittings

Li Dynasty metal fittings with decorations such as ten long lives and auspicious crests. Kichizo's handle metal fittings are designed with bats and turtles. It is an original metal fitting made of antique polished brass.


three-way clasp

Advanced kumite such as Mikata-dome, Kensaki-dome, and Hako-dome are world-class Japanese woodworking techniques. Kichizo creates furniture that makes the most of the skills of these joiner craftsmen.


Vermillion eye-catching finish

One of the different coatings that makes the wood grain stand out by laying black on the base and adding vermilion on the finish. Along with the wood finish color, it is used for consoles, octagonal trays, etc.

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